• Description of information subject to this confidentiality agreement
  • Choose how long the information itself should be protected
  • Control whether protected information z. B. may be passed on to subsidiaries
  • Decide how long the contract should apply
  • Set a contractual penalty in case of a breach of duty
  • Your answers and the contract will be kept confidential and will be accessible only to you

This is how the contract creation works

With the simple question-and-answer dialog, you create a legally-high-quality non-disclosure
Create a customized document for your company according to current law
All content and formulations have been prepared by leading lawyers
Numerous practical tips make your decisions easier
You will receive a ready-made confidentiality agreement in the file formats PDF and DOCX (for easy
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What is a confidentiality agreement?

When conducting contract negotiations, you may need to provide information to your business associates or their employees that you consider to be confidential. Such information may be documents, samples, business intentions, issues, data and / or solutions to problems.

A non-disclosure agreement, also known as the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) or Confidentiality Agreement, obliges both parties to maintain secrecy and silence about important information of the other party.

An individually designed German NDA offers you the opportunity to protect your confidential company information.
What should you consider when creating the confidentiality agreement?

When describing the subject matter of the Non-Disclosure Agreement, be sure to describe the subject of the Discussion or Negotiation as accurately and comprehensively as possible. This is the only way to ensure that all information exchanged in the negotiations is treated confidentially. To avoid any doubt and discussion about the confidentiality of any information, you may limit the confidentiality to such information that is marked “confidential.”
Can the contract be created even if information has already been exchanged?

Yes. If you have already exchanged information before signing the non-disclosure agreement, you should make sure that the contract contains the provision that it too is protected. Such a rule can be included in this document if necessary. Take the opportunity to agree on a contractual penalty

A breach of confidentiality may prove difficult to prove damage. In order to effectively prevent the other side from violations, you can agree on a contractual penalty. They have the option in the contract to set the amount of the contractual penalty already, with a high amount usually having a deterrent effect. However, it should also be remembered that contractual penalties between non-traders can be ineffective if the contractual penalty is unreasonably high. If in doubt, you should therefore agree on a flexible contractual penalty, which can also be adjusted by courts. With a flexible contractual penalty, you can also better respond to violations in individual cases.

How long is the NDA valid?

In the question and answer dialog you can specify the duration of the confidentiality obligation individually. In the process, you first decide how long information is to be exchanged and then how long this information is subject to secrecy. Who can sign a confidentiality agreement?

For both contracting parties, the confidentiality agreement must be signed by an authorized representative. These are usually owners, directors, authorized signatories or owners of a power of attorney.